Identity Prospects By Name in the B2B B2C Buyer's Journey
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In Market Lead Generation
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Identity Prospects By Name in the B2B/B2C Buyer's Journey utilizing Site Visitor Match

While only targeting future prospects that are actively searching and considering a purchase in what your company is selling with In Market Lead Generation and Site Visitor Match is your company ready.

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Automate Your Lead Generation in Finding The Identity Resolution of Consumers By Name in the B2B/B2C Buyer's Journey

Only targeting the prospects that you are actively researching and considering a purchase of what you sell with Identity Resolving

Small, Large or Enterprise your business will love our digital marketing solutions.  We are happy when our clients are too…

We create Lead Generation Identity Resolution technology to resolve the identity of any company’s website visitors by 50% and convert them to a record “Hash File” that is permanent, portable, and under your control not your Search Engine.

  • WebSite Visitor Identity Resolution
  • In-Market Consumer Data Targeting
  • In-Funnel Sales Growth
  • Full Service Lead Generation Service
  • Data Mapping

Business Lead Generation

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Pixel Digital Advertising that you Control

Working with your Digital Marketing Company to get you results.
Using a Pixel for Business Lead Generation

Lead Generation FAQ

  • What is a Tracking Pixel?

    An HTML Code Snippet that identifies visitors in the form of a hash file to determine the identity of a website visitor.

  • What is Site Visitor Match?

    A Service that shares pixel first party Data to business owners to increase there return on investment with paid advertising.

  • What is In Market Targeting?

    Pull 3% of your market place which lowers your cost of aquisition for lead generation and raises conversion rates on your paid advertising.

  • What is Data Mapping for Businesses?

    Mapping your Data base to your identity graph in order to monitor your clients online behaviors.

  • What is OMG Marketing Full Service Lead Gengeration?

    Is a service that utilizes a pixel in a range of products and services 

    • Brand Stategy
    • Sales and Marketing Funnels
    • Web and SEO strategies
    • Paid Advertising Stategies "Coupled with machine learning able to generate qualified sales leads.

  • What is a Sales Funnel?

    Sales Funnel is a process in that brings a prospect to a brand. Edjucates them about the brand. Gets them to like the Brand. And then entices them to buy the Brand either service or products based.

  • What is a Custom Audience?

    A Custom Audience is a targeted advertising service that allows businesses to import user email addresses for retargeting on the social media platform. Custom Audiences are an effective way for online businesses to interact with relevant users across multiple advertisement channels and platforms.

  • How do I aquire my Data with Paid Advertising?

    You will not control your Data but you will be able to control how much you spend. With Site Visitor Match you will be able to aquire first party data which will lower your Cost of Aquisition for more qualified sales leads.While increasing your conversion rates.

  • How is my Paid Data Portable?

    Any data aquired by our 3rd Party Pixel is platform diagnostic which is a hash file that is able to be used across platforms.

  • Is Lead Generation Expensive?

    Yes. It can be. However with OMG Marketing you will gain a decided advantage over your competition.

    Such as:

    • Demographic 
    • Geographic 
    • Behavior Activity Online


Using Artificial Intellegence for Business Leads Creating The Best Lead Generation Solution

“We aren’t in the business of building your company software, we are in the verticle of empowering profitable sales for our clients. Our software Platform is how we achieve this.”

Marketplace Tracking

Onboard your customer data ​and create the ability to track their search behavior across 40 billion digital behaviors per 24 hour. While receiving back the ability to advertise to your marketplace on any channel or platform at no additional cost.

Locate prospects who are actively searching and pursuing a purchase of what you sell on YOUR website. Our smart-pixel determines not only who, but how, they are engaged and allows you to segment website visitors on-page behavior patters to locate and find individuals searching for the same brand you sell online by state, region, or zip code.

Your prospects are actively researching and pursuing a purchase of what you sell. Let our AI machine learning platform analyze multiple prospect behavior for you as: keyword search, URL level navigation, content consumption and ad campaign response to determine who, when, and why someone is InMarket.

Data Mapping Lead Generation for leads in education, law, automotive, relestate, mortgage, medical, and Contractor Sales leads


Receive a No-Pressure Business

We provide a wide range of solutions for your business. Our experts can help you with understanding the basics of Site Visitor Match, In Market Lead Generation, or Data Mapping. With the help of our professional staff, create your business guidelines lets start on implementing this new technology into your platforms to maximize your online brands success.


We Provide Your Company With The Data You Need For Success

Your Branding Advertisement Campaigns and Niche are currently driving customers and leads to your site. But, your not capturing them and leading them into In Market Sales Funnels. Thus driving up your ROI, “Return on Investment.” Set an Appointment with our team today and learn how we can provide you with a suite of customer retention solutions thus driving down your overall cost of acquisition this quarter. Giving your business the opportunity to expand this Year Guaranteed.

Online Advertising

Helping companies transform their online advertising operations to drive new sales and leads for profitable growth. Gain Machine Learning while creating a differentiated customer experience that drives them into your sales funnel thus reducing your Ad Spend.

Lead Generation

Helping our clients achieve there full potential. Our experts know how to resolve the the identity of over 50% of your inbound traffic. From Education, Law Firms, Realestate, Insurance, Contractors, Med Spa’s, Automotive, and so much more.

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